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This pet incubator is an ideal equipment for veterinary establishments and a great tool for enhancing pet healthcare. The ICU is equipped with state-of-the-art features not only makes it easy to operate but also makes healthcare sustainable. Maintaining the right environment for an ailing animal is key to its speedy recovery.


  • The ICU is able to maintain the right humidity and temperature critical for many exotic species
  • The improved nebulization system ensure high strength medicines are administered with ease and accuracy while sterilization features vastly reduces any possibility of cross-contamination
  • It boast a heavy duty ultrasound humidifier, double air compressor nebulization system, accurate temperature and humidity controls, has negative ion generator, sterilization function, Medical Atomization Treatment Function, Carbon Dioxide Concentration Monitoring System, ICU Illumination Function and enhanced security mechanisms
Code Name of Product Dimensions Capacity Size
UC-1801 Kanistar Pet Incubator  88x55x47cm (LxWxH) 15kg Standard

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