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We understand the pet grooming process is messy and the post-grooming cleaning is really a task. Here we have an Eirene Grooming Apparel which helps you groom your pet in style. A perfectly trendy choice even for professional groomers as a functional work suit. It’s a fashionable V – Neck wrap shirt, constructed from ultra-light nylon fabric, easy to clean, and dries quickly. It has a practical tie belt that matches with trim color helps you adjust easily with your size and two large pockets with elastic are very functional for keeping tools close at hand. Regularly wearing grooming apparel will protect your clothes from pet hair and help you reduce the post-grooming cleaning task.


  • Static–proof breathable nylon fabric
  • water-resistant feature
  • Adjustable back belt, set-in–sleeve
  • 2 useful front pockets.


Size: M/Medium

Colour: Green  

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