Stainless Steel Bathing Tub with Swing In/Out Ramp

  • Rs. 104,960.00

  • Completely made of Premium Grade 304 stainless steel, heavy duty tub designed for professional use, will not be rusted for at least 10 years under normal usage condition.
  • Pre-drilling holes on each size allows for 4” to 8” faucet hookups.
  • The backsplash features for U shaped hooks for shower heads to hand up to.
  • The access door slides to open while the loading ramp easily swings under tub for storage.
  • High quality NSK ball-bearing on the rotational portion makes sure smooth turning and durable usage.
  • Specially designed steel wire safety catch, make sure the ramp will not affect your daily operation.
  • Includes ramp, tub floor mat and toy breed raised rack with mat.
  • Tubs also come with stainless steel hair strainer, two tub racks with PVC bath mat, to keep pets above suds and dirty water.
  • Dimension:  55L x 27W x 55H inches
  • Product code: BTS-130

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