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Things Every Dog Owner Should Know about Common Canine Oral Health Problems

As we all know pet owners will do everything possible to keep their dog in tip-top shape from feeding them the most nutritious food and to making sure they exercise regularly. But are you paying enough attention to your pooches oral care? If not, it’s time to change your ways and give more attention to your floof’s oral hygiene.

There are various oral problem your pet can suffer from -  

Infection from food 

Pic credit - DogVills

It occurs when bacteria from food get stuck in your doggo’s mouth. An infection can also be a reason. Start by brushing his teeth more frequently. Halitosis can usually be treated by brushing. Use Tropiclean, Fresh Breath Oral Care Traditional Kit For Dogs. It’s an all-rounder solution for your pet’s oral hygiene.

Growth of gum line 

Pic credit - covetrus
When dog’s gum line grows over the teeth, it can cause the Proliferation of gum disease. Excess growth leads to more opportunities for infection and should be treated by antibiotics. Try out Petkin, Plaque Gel, Spearmint for the prevention of any gum diseases. An easy way to clean teeth, gums plaque, and tartar while freshening your pet's breath.

Infection between teeth and gum 

Pic credit - The Spruce Pet

Periodontal disease can cause infections between the teeth and gums which leads to swelling, loose teeth, pain, difficulty in eating, or even nasal discharge. Vet encourages dog parents to look for signs like yellow and brown teeth or swollen gums. Vet's Best, Dental Gel Toothpaste for Dogs, helps to gently clean away plaque and tartar. It’s highly palatable and specially designed for dogs. Contains Vitamin C, clove leaf oil, grapefruit extract, and peppermint.

Lumps in your pet’s mouth 

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Have you ever noticed any lumps in your pet’s mouth? If yes, then get an appointment with your vet as soon as possible. Some lumps and bumps are of no concern. Some may need to be drained out. Tropiclean, Fresh Breath Clean Teeth Brushing Gel For Dogs, A unique blend of powerful, natural ingredients which removes and defends against plaque and tartar, leaves teeth clean and breath fresh.

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