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“We believe everyone is a Winner”

Winner at first place got a Winner Certificate signed by IJA judges , A Trophy and whooping prize of around Rs. 3.5 lacs. It included

The First Runner-up got no less than the winner. The 2nd Place Winner got a 1St Runner-up Certificate signed by IJA, a Trophy and prizes worth Rs. 90000 consisting of

The Second Runner- up got a 2nd Runner-up certificate signed by IJA, A Trophy and the prizes worth around Rs. 50000 consisting of

Then we had our surprise winner, our Third Runner-up. The one who impressed so much with his performance that the judges had to add his name on the list. The fourth winner got a LCL EasyClip Cordless Clipper worth Rs. 10000.

It was such an embracing event for us compelled with memories. We got almost 150 Visitors and all of them seemed so happy. They gave the interviews to express the feeling and emotions they felt in 2nd National Dog Grooming Competition.

Check out the videos on our YouTube Channel to find the winners and the ambiance full of happiness. The prizes won were priceless comparing the experience each one had.

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