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Advantages of Hercules Double Motor and Air Force Master Blaster

Dogs have a naturally higher body temperature than we do, so blow-drying your pup with warm air can make him/her overheated. It can also dry out your dog’s skin and cause painful rashes.

Dog Grooming Dryers

Dog dryers are designed to use air that is cool enough to keep your pup comfortable. They are still able to dry off even the hairiest dog quickly and easily by maintaining a strong airflow.

Advantages: Hercules Double Motor Dryer Advantages: Metro® Air Force® Master Blaster® Variable Control Pet Dryer

Incredible blow force of 955 grams and even more amazing wind speed of 95m/s.

With a two twin-fan it has a Wind Speed: 0-297 m/s and capable of delivering up to 0- 58,000 feet-per-minute.

Heat Power: 600 W

Motor: 8.0 peak HP Variable Speed

30% savings in energy

Cuts drying time by up to 80%

Maximum Power: 2400 W

Maximum Power: 2280 W

Highest Temperature: 65 °C

Reduces noise levels by 25%


metrovac dryers

It’s important to buy a blow dryer that is strong enough to dry your pup off quickly. If you have a dog with a thick double coat, you will need a stronger dryer. A strong airflow will also help to get rid of loose hairs, which can be especially handy. 



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