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Trixie Nylon Muzzle is made of nylon material, which is sturdy yet soft and flexible. This nylon muzzle is a fully adjustable neck strap with a snap fit. You can get a perfect fit of the muzzle around your dog’s snout easily by simply adjusting a nylon fastener. These muzzles are great for vet visits, grooming, walking your dog in public places, etc. It may allow panting, eating treats, and drinking water if you maintain a loose fit of the muzzle. To choose a perfect size please measure the circumference and length of your dog's snout.


  • These muzzles are intended to visit vets, groomers, public places, etc.
  • Our dog muzzles are easy to use and clean.
  • Choose the perfect size by measuring the length of your dog's snout with the help of our measuring chart - 

XS - S - 15 cm - Jack Russell

S-M - 21 cm - Miniature Poodle, Poodle, Sheltie

Medium - 24 cm - Dalmatian

Large - 28 cm - Labrador Retrievers

L-XL - 31 cm - Bernese Mountain Dog

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