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Frequently Asked Questions

Blades Q & A

What is the difference between detachable and adjustable blades?

Ans. Detachable blades are designed to be removed from the clipper in seconds without tools while an adjustable blade is affixed to the clipper with two screws. With detachable blades the length of the hair is achieved by changing out the entire blade. With an adjustable blade, a range of hair cutting length can be achieved by adjusting a lever on the side of the unit. A typical length range for an adjustable blade is #000-1. Plastic attachment combs are available for both types of blades.


What is the difference between a trimmer T-blade and a square blade?

Ans. Knowing the difference between these two blades is essential when trimming hair. A T-blade's curved edges enable easy handling and better access for trimming around the ears, back of neck, beards and moustaches and cutting designs into the hair. For everything else and general shaving, a square blade is a perfect tool.


What is the difference between CeramicEdge® and UltraEdge® blades?

Ans. UltraEdge® blades are long-lasting and dependable. These blades undergo a special hardening process and are finished in chrome to resist corrosion and keep them sharp. CeramicEdge® blades are the pinnacle of blade technology — a high tech zirconium oxide ceramic cutting blade means they run cooler than steel and stay sharper longer. CeramicEdge blades are perfect for the hair professional who does a high volume of clipper cuts.


Can I use aftermarket/other brand blades on my clipper or trimmer?

Ans. We suggest only using Andis manufactured blades on your Andis tool; they are designed and engineered specifically for that model to achieve optimum cutting performance.


How do I know which blades fit my clipper or trimmer?

Ans. The documentation that came with your clipper or trimmer will reference your blade's item number. If you cannot find it you can search by your tool's item number, model number or name on the Andis Blade Finder.


Are there any blades that can be interchangeable between human and animal use?

Ans. In the Andis detachable blade line there are several blade sizes that overlap between animal and human use. However, blades used to groom an animal coat should never be used on a human.

Care & Maintenance

How do I care for and clean and oil my blades?

Ans. Caring for your blades is essential in maintaining their longevity and cutting performance. Blades should be oiled after each use. If your clipper blades leave streaks or slow down, it is a sure sign they need to be oiled.
Start by turning off the clipper and removing fragments of hair from the blade with a clipper brush.
Clean and disinfect blades by using CoolCare Plus.
Use the 5-point oiling system to lubricate your clipper and keep it running at top performance: 3 drops across the teeth of the blade and 1 drop on each back rail. After oiling, turn on and let run for 5-10 seconds to disperse the oil. Turn off and then wipe off any excess oil.


How should I store my blades?

Ans. We recommend storing your blades in a low moisture environment to avoid corrosion. A padded blade storage case or pouch will help keep them safe and keep them from getting chipped or dropped which can break them or knock them out of alignment.


Why is it recommended that I oil my blades?

Ans. Blades are made of metal and oiling them will help reduce corrosion. Since the two metal blades rub against each other during operation, oiling them will also reduce friction thereby delivering better cutting performance. Oiling your blades regularly after each use is an important part ensuring your tool will cut and perform as designed.


What type of oil should I be using?

Ans. We strongly recommend you use Andis Company clipper oil which is specially formulated for Andis clippers and trimmers. However, other clipper blade oils will also work.


How often should I oil my blades?

Ans. We recommend that you oil your blades before and after each use. If your clipper blades leave streaks or slow down, those are signs that they need to be oiled.


Can I have my clipper and trimmer blades sharpened?

Ans. Yes, most Andis clipper blades can be sharpened at our factory repair center or at Andis Authorized Service Stations. However, because of the length of the teeth on trimmer blades we do not recommend that these be sharpened. Find a service center near you.


Where can I purchase replacement blades?

Ans. Blades can be purchased on our website or through your local beauty supply store.


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