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Productwise Questions

1. What sort of grooming are you planning?
- If you regularly take your dog to the groomer and need clippers for touch-ups then a light trimming clipper will do. If you are planning to groom your dog at home or you are planning to use it for professional grooming then you must opt for professional, heavy-duty clippers, blades, and attachments to play with looks.

2. What is your dog’s coat type?
- The next point to be considered is the coat type of your dog, here you need to examine your dog’s hair type, texture, and length. Likewise, you can choose the clipper. For instance, short hair dogs can be groomed with medium-duty clippers. Whereas thick coated or long-haired dogs need heavy-duty clippers.

3. Needs of your pet
- You need to find out if your dog is anxious while the grooming process or gets stressed by noises. In this case, you must go for a cordless clipper or quiet clippers.

- Straight scissors look like normal scissors, these scissors are used to trim uneven, large hair. It creates uniform straight cuts on the hair. They can be the first choice for any novice groomer. Curved scissors are just like the name suggests, they have two curved blades. These scissors are used for giving curved cuts. It saves time to get a precise curved finish with straight scissors. They are generally used to trim heads, feet, and other curved areas.

- A pet dryer has a foam filter on the exterior. This filter has to be cleaned otherwise it reduces the airflow and the dryer’s performance. Along with it, even the dryer case and hose should be cleaned to promote good airflow so the motor doesn’t work harder.

- Table size of the grooming table matters as professionals are always busy with pets of different sizes. Whereas individual groomers should consider the size of their pets before buying the table.
Frequency, individual groomers must consider how frequently they need to groom their dog. If your dog needs frequent grooming or you are a pet parent of more than one pet, in that case, you must invest in a modern equipped table.
Mobile grooming is what you do than the usual grooming then you must choose a sturdy foldable grooming table.

- Even if human shampoo can clean your pet, it is not safe to use it on dogs. There is a difference between the pH levels of dogs and humans. Using human shampoo on dogs can make their skin flaky and dry. Those shampoos cannot sufficiently moisturize the dog coats just like the dog-specific shampoos do. So, it is always better to use dog shampoo only to get better results as well as maintain their skin health.

- Every shampoo that needs dilution has a different ratio of dilution. It is always recommended to use dilution bottles or shampoo dispensers. Shampoo must be diluted in lukewarm water. To avoid bubbling up, we suggest you add water first and shampoo later. Please don’t dilute the shampoo and store it, dilute the only amount of shampoo needed.

- Hydraulic and electric tables are best for professional grooming. As the name says the electric tables require electricity to operate. Whereas hydraulic tables use pump action to operate. It doesn’t have any kind of motor but is usually used with the foot pump. Height can be increased in both the tables; in hydraulic tables, it is done with ‘pump by pump’ instead of all together. But while lowering the table, it is done in smooth motion in both the tables. Both the tables are professional groomers’ favourite choices, the electric tables are quite popular compared to hydraulic ones.

- A dryer hose can crack, or get holes in it. Don’t panic if your dryer’s hose is damaged, as you can replace it with another one. It is easily available and can be replaced by yourself.

- If your clipper is not cutting, before sending your clipper to the service centre, try this Clean the clipper as well as blades with a brush to remove stuck hair and oil your clipper regularly. Check on the blade drive. If it is worn out, replace it. If the problem is still not resolved you must contact the service and repair center.

- Skip tooth blades, as the name itself suggests, the blade has space between the teeth. These blades are designed to function on matted dogs and give a more textured, rough finish.Finish cut blades, unlike ST blades all the blades are of the same length to give a smoother finish or fine cutting. These blades are suitable for overall grooming.

- The brushes and comb can be categorized into 5 types, Bristle brushes, Pin Brushes, Slicker brushes, Combs, and Rakes. These brushes are designed to achieve different results.

Bristle, Pin, and Slicker brush:

Bristle brushes are good for lighter coat dogs and puppies. They help remove dead coats, light tangles, and knots.
Pin brushes are popularly used for thick or medium coats and can also be used for mixed length or mixed texture dogs.
Slicker brushes can be used on the full-body or for removing targeted knots, and undercoat removal. In addition, it can be used to remove stuck or dead undercoats, causing knots if not brushed.

Rake, De-shedder, Dematter:

A Rake is used to remove dead hair and tangles, the comb of the rake is of a T shape. They are used primarily on double-coat or heavy coats; the T shape teeth in rakes are set together to remove undercoats.
A De-shedder can be used on non-shed to high-shed coats, it is used on thick coated dogs to remove stuck or dead undercoats that might lead to knots or mats later. De-shedding can be highly decreased when used on high-shed coat types.
De-matter cuts mats or breaks them which can be completely removed when clipped later.


A Comb’s result depends upon its teeth. The spacings between the teeth fine or wide define the purpose. Combs are used for lifting coats, checking for even ends, and removing light tangles or fleas and ticks.

- Clicker training is also called marker training. It is a form of positive reinforcement dog training. It communicates the exact timing of when your dog does what you want. It helps you to communicate with your dog during the training period. It gives you command over what you want to train your dog. It means you choose how your dog must behave. It is scientifically proven that behaviours that get rewarded get repeated and gradually get conditioned on them. It does not just train your dog but gives them fun learning moments to spend with them to understand more.

- Though creative grooming is a matter of debate in the pet grooming world, using colours and dyes specifically made for pets, let it be permanent, non-permanent, or semi-permanent are non–toxic and safe for pets. Never use human dyes or other human products on dogs or cats as it can be very harmful. Please note – It is suggested to use colours and dyes under experts’ guidance and strictly follow the directions mentioned on the products.

- Grooming arm sets are made to provide comfort to the pet as well as the groomer. The arm set secures your dog’s position while you groom, the clamp is just like a collar which is put around the dog’s jaw and hooked to the grooming arm. These grooming arms are not just sturdy but also adjustable as per your requirement. As the dogs are fastened with the arms set, their movement is restricted for safe and effective grooming. It saves your effort to control your dog while you groom it.

- Dog grooming is an arduous task from bathing dogs, drying, cutting, trimming and the list goes on. To carry out all these tasks a professional definitely needs apparel to cover themselves from the mess. The apparel has to be lightweight, and quick-drying, the best grooming apparel must be made up of nylon. It has to be waterproof, as grooming dogs is really messy at times.


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