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Armour Z Frame Hydraulic Table is a deluxe professional hydraulic table. This Dog Grooming Height Adjustable Table is rock solid at any adjusted height from 19" - 40". The hydraulic pump is of outstanding quality. The unique Z shape design of the dog grooming table eliminates wobbling and tipping. ABK grooming propounds the new all metal edge pet table which is durable and long lasting.


  • Steel constructed Z – Frame design keeps the tables incredibly stable and prevents tipping over
  • Boasts a durable Chilean made MDF board, the tabletop is built to last
  • Metal edge frame ensures the long service life
  • Powder-coated frame for extra durability
  • Single grooming arm included  
  • Silver vein surface
  • An outstanding quality of the hydraulic pump, continuously used for 50000 times.
  • Anti-static baked epoxy finish for durability
  • The elastic PVC edging on the table helps resist scratching


  • Incredibly stable for performing uninterrupted grooming
  • Easy to handle and offers perfect stability
  • Ergonomic grooming experience
  • Grooming arm for correct positioning of pets while grooming
  • Nylon harness to keep dogs calm while grooming


  • Size: Large
  • Max load: 150 Kg
  • Net weight:48 kg
  • Dimension: 50” L X 25” W X 20” – 40” H (126 L X 65 W X 51.5 – 101 H CM)

Pros of buying a pet grooming table

  • When you brush a dog, a grooming table will allow you to reach the nooks and crannies.  
  • The grooming table helps you to get professional-grade looks on your pet because of easy access to the pets. 
  • Grooming pets on the table gives groomers a comfortable position instead of all that back and knee aches.


You must get a Table Top Mat for the grooming table, as the table mat is anti-slippery and gives a voguish look to your grooming table as well as keeps the table clean and hygienic with just one blow of air.




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