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The Friends on Tour Bicycle Basket is designed to fit wide bike racks between 11.8 and 16 cm. The bag can also be detached from the frame with a hook and loop system and be used as a transport bag.

Features -

  • sturdy metal frame for safely transporting a pet on the bicycle rack (width 11.8–16 cm)
  • basket can be detached from frame due to hook and loop fasteners
  • with net
  • with integrated short leash
  • reflective parts
  • with removable padded base (plush cover)
  • shape-retaining EVA
  • color: black
  • compliant with animal welfare under Section 18 (AT)

Dimension - 29 × 49 × 60 cm

Capacity - upto 8 kg

Colour - Black

Important Info -

Please pay attention to the maximum load capacity of the bicycle basket. Acquaint the dog with the basket before your first trip and allow sufficient time for this. If necessary, practice riding the bike with the basket but without your pet beforehand, placing a comparable weight in the basket to get used to the changed steering behavior. Hold your bike firmly while putting your pet into the basket or taking it out. Use a harness to attach and secure your pet to the short leash in the basket. When you use a bicycle stand, there is the danger that your bike could fall over with your pet. Do not leave your pet unattended in the basket.

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