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  • The Rose Line Scissor Kit is a compact case that includes professional dog grooming scissors that may be used on a daily basis. It's the ideal combination for keeping your shears in order. Rose Line is a high-end stainless-steel scissors manufacturer.
  • A zip makes it simple to open and close this bag. The bag has one large main compartment that is deep enough to easily accommodate scissors or brushes. For any of your tools, this is the go-anywhere, store-it-all option. Witte bag for your scissors and other little items. Keep your scissors organised and safe. It's especially useful when travelling.
  • Keep your tools together and carry them in a convenient manner while grooming on the go. It's the ideal tool bag for a busy salon that needs to keep all of its tools on hand at all times.

Why should you get a tool bag or case?

You need to keep your grooming supplies portable whether you operate a mobile grooming business, take your show dogs on the road, or simply want to keep your dogs well-groomed wherever you go. Sure, you could stuff them in a backpack, but you'd risk damaging the bag and the equipment, as well as injuring yourself while searching for sharp objects that should be kept out of reach. Thus, it is important to keep your equipment in a proper case. As it also helps you to keep the tools clean and tidy. And you won't arrive with broken instruments at your destinations.

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