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The SBR Cordless clipper suits every budget and is powerful and durable enough to keep trimming without a drop in performance This clipper can be used with or without a cord. This electric grooming clipper is a good-quality, cost-effective grooming clipper option designed for everyday use, specifically for at-home groomers. It features high-end ceramic blades and comes with four attachable combs and an extra rechargeable battery.


The new ergonomic design

5 stage blade adjustment for easy clipping

Quiet but powerful operation

Maintenance-free Clipper

Light-weight clipper for easy grooming


It can be used as a spare clipper 

Works fine on short hair breed

Kit includes:

Clipper with a ceramic blade

4 attachment combs

Additional battery 

Blade oil

Blade brush


How to care:

Unplug the clipper and remove the blade from the clipper, use a small size cleaning brush, that usually comes with the kit to clean hair stuck between the blades and clipper. Inspect the blade drive, if worn out it has to be replaced. This Quad blade drives assembly moves back and forth and helps create cutting action. Inspect the blade latch if your blades are loose or released frequently and replace it if needed.

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