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How to Keep Cats Cool in Summer

When the weather warms up, we focus on keeping ourselves and our pets comfortable. A day at the pond or a refreshing wash may be exactly what we need, but keeping cats cool in the summer heat is not a practical solution. Because they are less efficient and effective at maintaining their body temperature, very young kittens, old cats, sick cats, and overweight cats are more at risk. 

So, how can you help your cat feel better during the summer? Let’s take a look:

Fresh and Cool Water 

How to Keep Cats Cool in Summer
Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash

In the heat, cats must stay hydrated. Leave your regular bowl of fresh water out, but also try placing additional bowls of fresh water in easy-to-reach and cool areas all around the house to keep the water from becoming too hot and to encourage them to drink more frequently. Change the water to keep it cool and fresh, and add an ice cube if desired. Cats, however, aren't always eager to drink from a normal bowl, which is where pet water fountains come into play as they provide your cat with a source of flowing water. 


Keep them Indoors

How to Keep Cats Cool in Summer

Photo by ål nik on Unsplash

If you have a cat that loves being outside, keep them indoors between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. as it can be the harshest part of the day. If you have an outdoor cat, it's particularly crucial to provide some shade outside so that they can snooze safely and comfortably if they choose to do so. If there isn’t any shade in your yard, create your own! Products with UV protection will help prevent any sun damage that might occur otherwise. 
When your outdoor cat is begging you to take it outside, you just can’t cave to their demand every time because it’s just not safe! A good way to keep them occupied and distracted is Toys. A wide range of toys made especially for cats are available everywhere and you can get the ones your curious kitty might love!
Another way these days to beat the heat is with safe Pet Pools that your cat will adore. Fill it up with cool water and watch your cat enjoy the coolness in the heat. Make sure you stay close to keep your cat safe. And though cats are not much fond of sitting or playing in the water, your kitty might enjoy some time in the pool to keep themselves cool.


Groom them Regularly

How to Keep Cats Cool in Summer

Photo by Reba Spike on Unsplash

Proper and routine clipping may help all cat breeds; if you have any concerns, go to your veterinarian or pet groomer and sort them out. Regular brushing is especially crucial for long-haired cats since their coat can become matted, retaining body heat, so invest in a decent brush and clipper this summer to keep them groomed and happy. To make grooming easy for you, we offer a wide variety of professional and home grooming tools, check them out here.

Minimize Car Journeys

How to Keep Cats Cool in Summer

Photo by Ivan Rodoy on Unsplash

Of course, avoiding car excursions with your four-legged pal during hot summer days is the best option. It isn't always practical, though. You might need to take your cat to the vet, for example. If this is the case, try and make the trip as pleasant as possible. It only takes a few minutes for the vehicle to become dangerously hot in summer. Turn on the air conditioning and, if possible, cover the back windows with a window shield. Protective Nets are another option that can help support the regulation of the body temperature of your cat on warm days and work without additional cooling, electricity, or water.

Buy them Sunscreen


Keep in mind that cats can get sunburned. Sunburn can cause burning and blisters, as well as skin cancer. As a result, make sure to choose a high-quality pet sunscreen. To find the best one, talk to your veterinarian. Apply it to your cat's nose, ears, and any other hairless areas when out. An alternative to this is products made especially keeping sun damage in mind, keeping your cat safe without the need for sunscreen.

Keep Rooms Cool

How to Keep Cats Cool in Summer


Photo by Donna Douglas on Unsplash

If you have an air conditioner, run it as much as possible. If it isn't doable, use a fan to create some air circulation in the house. To maintain its body temperature, a cat will instinctively seek for cooler or warmer areas to lay on its own, so let them find their own spots too. Cooling mats designed specifically for pets are another wonderful means of keeping cats cool in hot weather too.

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