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You Must Know These Dog Toy Categories ABK Best place to buy toys

Take a ride over the memory lane. Previously, our furry friends had only a handful of toys just a decade ago: a bone, a stick, or a simple rope. Oh, how times have changed! The bond between humans and dogs has evolved significantly, with dogs now considered cherished members of our families. The world of pet supplies has transformed from a mundane recreational activity to a realm of excitement and variety. The availability of diverse and innovative pet supplies has made it easier for pet owners to provide for their dogs' needs while enhancing the bond between pet and owner. The industry for pet supplies continues to grow, with new and innovative pet products being introduced regularly to cater to the ever-growing needs of pet owners. Scene-stealer dog toys have become a sensation among pet parents, adding a new dimension to the joy and companionship shared with their furry friends.
Dog toys are not just a passing trend; they are a thriving and essential segment of the pet industry. Experts in the field have ingeniously classified them into subgroups, providing pet parents with many options to cater to their dogs' unique preferences. Kong, a pioneer brand renowned for its commitment to canine enjoyment, leads the pack in the world of dog toys, breaking them down into five distinct types.

Training toys

Get on a delightful journey with our pet collection of pet training toys designed to cater to the playful spirit of your furry companions. These chew buddies and teething companions entertain and engage your pets mentally, providing enrichment that taps into their instinctual needs. Crafted from durable rubber and endorsed by veterinarians and trainers globally, these chew toys are more than just a pastime; they provide joy and mental stimulation. Some even come stuffed with easy treats, snacks, or zigzags, making playtime a tasty adventure. Our range of pet toys includes bones, dumbbells, balls with or without ropes, rings, tires, and more, making every moment with your pet extraordinary.


Discover the joy of treat-dispensing toys designed to provide your furry friend with extended mental and physical stimulation during playtime. Crafted from durable materials and boasting unique shapes, these toys are not just playthings but companions in your pet's journey to health and happiness. Whether it's the engaging ring, the playful stick, the resilient tire, or other exciting shapes, each pet toy promises durability and excitement. Stuff them with your pet's favorite treats, transforming play into a rewarding experience that keeps them happily occupied. Treat dispensers that are fun and joyful can help you enjoy quality time with your pet, as they deserve nothing less! 

Interactive toys

Interactive pet toys are a magical bond-building tool for dogs, fostering joy and connection. These toys, ranging from fetching wonders to delightful tug toys, create moments of joy and harmony that go beyond mere play. Imagine the thrill as your canine companion chases after the perfect fling or joyfully tugs on a ball with ropes; their excitement is contagious, and your connection grows stronger. These dog toys satisfy your dog's natural chasing instincts, making every playtime an adventure. Dive into the world of interactive pet toys, where the simple act of fetch becomes a shared experience filled with laughter, wagging tails, and boundless love.

Self-amusement toys

Self-amusement toys are the perfect companions for our furry friends when they crave solo playtime! These pet toys are designed to captivate dogs' attention, providing entertainment and engagement even when their favorite humans are away. Picture your pup happily immersed in a dog treat-dispensing puzzle, relishing the challenge and savoring the rewards. Or imagine the joy of a playful pooch with a durable rope toy, tugging and tossing to their heart's content. The

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