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Top Dog Styling Tips By Show Dog Experts

In order to be a successful show dog, they must look the part. Even though the well-groomed dogs make it seem simple, there is plenty of preparation going on behind the scenes to be ready for the intense competition. You can use these expert-recommended dog grooming tips to make your dog appear and feel better prepared for a show. Prepare your dog for something like this continuously by making continuous efforts on your part. Consistency is key and make the experience enjoyable for your dog.


Help Your Dog Enjoy Grooming


Credit: Unsplash

Dog owners must be willing to devote time to training their pets to welcome grooming. Some pets are particularly difficult to manage, which can be a significant issue. If you can put the dog up on a counter, brush their fur, and touch their feet, they will become accustomed to being handled and grow to appreciate it. It can be quite soothing for the dog if you make it enjoyable for them and get them used to regular grooming.


Let's Talk About Workout


Credit: Unsplash

As with humans, dogs are happiest when they are in great shape, so they need exercise as well. Any type of fitness training done on a regular basis will help your dog keep fit. Regardless of whether some dogs benefit from a strenuous workout or not, others can achieve their fitness goals with just a little bit of regular exercise. So create a schedule!


Pick the right Dog Food


Credit: Unsplash

Not all dog food can be "the diet" your dog needs. It might not necessarily be the food, but your dog might have a reaction to the ingredients. It’s also possible that with they're not getting the most out of what you're feeding them. So, to ensure that your dog is healthy from the inside out, do some study on dog food. Research is always a good idea and talks with your vet about which foods are best for your dog.


Understanding Your Dog's Coat Type


Credit: Unsplash

Taking care of your dog's coat means that you know what it requires. Shih Tzus, for example, are noted for their long, silky coats. Because the stronger shampoos used to clean Shih Tzus can dehydrate their skin, they usually need a conditioner after a bath to replenish the moisture. It is important to prevent this from happening. You don't want to disrupt the natural oils when bathing your dog, so chat to your vet about the best products to protect and maintain that gorgeous coat.


Be Sure To Keep Up Grooming


Credit: Unsplash

Regularly brushing out the coat is the most essential tip grooming professionals give dog owners. It's the most valuable thing you can do for your dog since they must first realize that grooming is not a terrible thing. They won't have to have four to six weeks of tangles brushed out when they arrive at a groomer. That isn't enjoyable for either the groomer or the dog. Brushing a dog's coat at home not only keeps it in good form but also gets the dog acclimated to being handled and groomed.


Do Not Take Dental Hygiene Lightly



Credit: Pexels

Bigger dogs need to become accustomed to being handled early on. You should be able to massage their gums and brush their teeth by lifting their lip. You can use a finger brush or a pet toothbrush to massage their gums. Make sure to brush the gum line as well. Dogs can get all of the same dental problems as people, except that they cannot brush their teeth after meals as we can.


Trimming Nails is Essential


Credit: Pexels

Pet parents often forget to trim the nails of their pets, and that's understandable. They shouldn't, though. The health of their feet and capacity to walk and move are affected when their nails are overgrown. To prevent this, make sure to trim their nails regularly or get them trimmed by a professional. Trimming between the pads of their feet on the bottom is also favorable because keeping that area trimmed and clean reduces the likelihood of discomfort and infections between the pads of their feet.


A Quick Physical Exam


Credit: Pexels

Hold them in your arms, make sure you groom them yourself occasionally and keep an eye on their health. This way, you can evaluate if they have any odd growths or issues. Are there any abnormalities in their body? Always be mindful of what your dog's body is doing. By keeping an eye on your pet, you can catch any problems before they worsen.


All of us agree that taking care of a pet can be tedious and challenging, but it is also very rewarding. As with anything in life, the results and level of styling your dog depends on how much work you put into it, so take advantage of these tips to give your pooch a glamorous makeover. Just by some exercise, regular grooming, good hygiene maintenance, and a little research, you can not only make your dog healthy, but also a show stopper! 

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