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Why Do Groomers Need to Participate in India Grooming Show 2019?

India Grooming Show by ABK is held with a motive of bringing groomers from all across the country together under one roof. Last year was a massive hit, and we are back again with more fun, excitement, and prizes, of course!!! 

India Grooming Show 2019 is held in Hyderabad from the 1st of November to the 3rd of November. 

What are you thinking about now? Register and participate today.

Oh, wait! Do you have a question on why India Grooming Show? We’ll take you back to the last year’s show, and we are quite sure that this will convince you to participate this year too!

Last year’s event embraced education seminars, grooming competitions, prizes, and lots of fun. 32 Participants from all over India with their big and small, goofy, and gooey dogs took part in the competition arena. Each participant was rewarded with a gift hamper worth 20,000 and certificates of participation. Dog goodie bags were also handed over with a dog appreciation certificate.  


The first day of the show included the Salon Freestyle Class and the All pure breed Class and had been scheduled with a Pre-grooming session followed by the competitions. Our eminent Tammy Colbert and Karla Addington Smith were all set to finalize the best among the best groomers. The pre-grooming session was the time allotted to all the participants for preparing their dogs for the competition. This was judged based on several parameters such as proper dog bath, clean ears, trimmed nails. The dogs were also checked for any infection or flea. After the pre-grooming session, a photo was clicked on the assigned table to help better comparison after the competition. The participants were all set to groom their pets, and the competition continued for 2 hours 30 minutes. It would be unfair to mention the enthusiasm and love the groomers showcased. The competition ended, leaving the judges in confusion about the perfect winner. The groomers were all best, and this made the judges extend the winners list. Of Course an achievement!!!

Day 1 Pet Grooming Competition 2018

The second day of the show brought more excitement and fun with it. The day was all set for the Model Dog Grooming competition. During the prep time, the participants had to get their model dog’s wig in a well-combed, cut, and groomed in clean shape. Each one had their idea and concept of grooming and used different techniques for the same. The judges were quite impressed with the groomers and took close attention to every bit of their movement. The competition started after the prep session, and the participants were asked to name their model dog for better and comfortable judgment. The competition lasted for 2 hours, 30 minutes, and ended up with six winners. Yes! The judges were so impressed with the groomers that the number of winners was increased again.

Day 2 Pet Grooming Competition 2018

Well, You might now be convinced about the show?

The second half of day 2 was all about information, education, and knowledge. Our prominent guests Tammy Colbert and Karla Addington Smith helped the groomers in a better understanding of the activity.

We are quite sure that we have by now convinced you of Why the groomers need to participate in India Grooming Show 2019. This is a platform that evolves the talent of grooming and helps you understand your pet better. Apart from awards, prizes, and recognition, you also get to network with fellow groomers and of course, learn a lot.

So, push back the 2nd thought you have about the show and be a part of India Grooming Show 2019.

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