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The Secret to a Clean & Tidy Home : Top 5 Tips for Pet Owners

Keeping a clean household is difficult with pets in your home. There muddy little paws and house full of fur is the last thing anyone could want. As much as you love your floof, we are sure you don’t like cleaning your home. We present you 5 little secrets for a clean and tidy home –

  1. Remove your pet’s hair from surface

Lint roller for Floof hair

Pic Credit- doglab

This is one of the important tool to keep handy when keeping your home neat & tidy. Trixie lint roller is ideal for removing hair from upholstery and textiles. It also comes in glove and brush form for your convenience.

  1. Get Rid of dog smell

Get rid of dog smell

Pic Credit - AnimalWised

Accidents can happen, but understanding won’t make it go away. Luckily, Aroma Tree Odour Neutralizer & Air Freshener traps odour molecules and neutralized them. It also eliminates common odours of pets and animals, toilet smells, food, human sweat & waste, tobacco & smoke, garbage.

  1. Eliminate Pet’s Stain & Odour

Eliminate Pet's stain & odour

Pic Credit - The Spruce

Is your puppy undergoing house training? Then urine off is something you will require. Urine off has unique formula that breaks uric acid crystals and is easy to clean. Suitable for puppies and dogs who likes to mark their territory. It doesn’t harm the floor or the fabric and removes stains & odour.

  1. Get rid of Fur not your Furry friend

get rid of fur

Pic Credit - Healthy Dogs

You see your floof’s hair everywhere in your house, on your clothes, your sofa, food etc. Andis Dog/Cat de-shedding massage brush removes loose hair from your pet’s coat gently. It’s made of natural rubber with hand loop and quadruple tips so it won’t hurt your pet’s skin.

  1. No Mess Litter Box

Litter Box

Pic Credit - VetBabble

Litter scoop is an extremely important product if you don’t want to get your hands dirty. It helps clean out your cat’s litter tray and avoid mess. Litter tray is another useful product to prevent urine and litter being scattered all over your floor.

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