Lockdown Woes: Keep Dogs Busy While You Work at Home!

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We can all agree that all our lives have drastically changed forever because of lock-downs due to the coronavirus pandemic. Most of us are spending more time at home than we used to. Everyone including people we live with (family, roommates, partners etc.), need time to adjust ourselves with this new way of life. When we say everyone, we also mean our pets. They too weren’t used to us staying at home all day with them and this has caused a stark difference in their behaviors.

Here are a few things we can do to help our little buddies out. Because, even while we’re at home and working it is impossible to constantly keep an eye on them.

Keep Toys Out

A bored dog is an excited dog and excited dogs are like a tornado in the house, and toys are a neat way to alleviate some of the excitement. Chew toys are especially great since excited dogs generally tend to gnaw on furniture and other objects they shouldn’t be gnawing on.

Dog toy

Img courtesy :  Trixie.de

Keep toys out in the living room, bedroom and anywhere your pooch might go within the house. If they find something more interesting than a dining table leg they’ll gnaw on that. Remember, excitement is a form of stress dogs display. And chewing on stuff helps them relieve that stress.

Send Them on a Hunt

All dogs are born hunters, even little Chihuahuas. Even though they live in our homes in very domestic settings, they still possess their predatory instincts. If they don’t get to exercise their hunting senses they will act out in ways which often leads to damage inside the house.

hide and seek with my dog

Img source: Trixie.de

One great way of making sure that doesn’t happen is placing your dog’s favorite treats in various locations around the house and encourage them to hunt for it. If your dog isn’t used to scavenger hunts, you needn’t worry. Just take some time to teach them the game, dogs will pick it up fairly quickly. Hunting for treats will tire dogs out and will eventually rest after they’re tired.

Play Mentally Stimulating Games

It isn’t enough just to tire dogs physically, mental exercise has equal weightage. Get games which forces your dog to use their brain play. Nina Ottosson has some amazing puzzle games for dogs. Not only will these games captivate their interest but will also make them smarter.

mental games for dogs

Img Source : Outward Hound

Studies have shown that smarter dogs tend to be better-behaved and calmer overall. So it’s a great idea to spend some time with your doggo when you’re not working to teach them these games.