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This Diwali keep your dogs calm with Happy Hoodie

Keep your dog with Happy Hoodie, say no to cracker, happy hoodies calm your dogs


The festive seasons like Diwali can be super stressful for dogs — things like exploding fireworks and unusual crowds outside can throw them into a literal frenzy. It is most common that dogs to go missing, but it shouldn't come as a surprise — dogs don't know the reason behind those giant bangs of fireworks we do, so when they hear them, they think something really dangerous is happening. Sudden loud noises and fireworks make them worried and perplexed and may result in whining, fright, loss of appetite, salivation, and house faeces. These can be a few possible indications of stress.

In such times Happy Hoodie can come to rescue you and your pets.

Happy Hoodie keeps dog calm and relieved from loud noises

What is Happy Hoodie?

Happy Hoodie is a soft, expandable, fabric band that comes in 3 sizes to accommodate almost all sizes of dogs, as well as cats! It acts like ear muffs, may be more comfortable, safe and cool. 

How effective is Happy Hoodie during Diwali?

Its gentle compression reduces noise (when worn with the ears down and ear canals unexposed) and has a swaddling effect that relieves anxiety and calms dogs during stressful situations. Happy Hoodie was originally created to calm and protect dogs from loud noise and proved to be so effective at relieving the anxiety that it is now used to help calm pets during any stressful situation.

Happy Hoodie keeps dog calm and relieved from loud noises

Why Happy Hoodie?

Covering your dog’s ear is one of the easiest ways to protect dogs from the loud noises of Diwali. Covering with any ordinary piece of cloth can be unsafe for your dog as it can also be an invitation to an ear infection. Thus always prefer Happy Hoodie over anything else. 

Team ABK wishes you all a Happy and Safe Diwali.

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