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How often should you groom your dog?

To groom or not to groom, that is the question?

Do you constantly wonder when should I groom my dog? Let me tell you, it is a hypothetical question. It depends upon the breed you have their coat type, age, and other variables.

We should organize a dog grooming schedule as per the dog’s breed and it’s health.

Here, we are noting down specifics of a good grooming schedule for your dog.



  1. Bathing your dog

Once in 3-6 months

  1. Brushing your dog’s teeth

Once in a day

  1. Brushing your dog 

Once in a week

  1. Cutting the dog’s nail

Once in a 3 weeks 



  1. Clipping your dog’s coat 

Depending on the breed, Generally once every month or six months

  1. De-shedding Treatment 

Once every month or 3 months depending on the breed

  1. Cleaning ears

As and when needed

Some factors depend upon the grooming schedule of dogs

  1. Age of your dog - Yes, age is also one decisive aspect while deciding the grooming schedule. Pups are not used to the grooming process. Thus we need to make them comfortable with the grooming process. On the other side, older dogs should be less groomed, apart from health-related check-ups as they may face discomfort. So one should try not to get too fancy looks on them.

  1. Length of your dog’s coat - Few dog owners like to keep their dog coats short, whereas few dog owners like to see it long and fluffy. As per your preferences, you will need to groom your dog.  

  1. Breed of your dog - Length of hair or fur depends on the breed of the dog. Some dogs have a good growth of hair that needs regular grooming. For example, a poodle needs grooming every 6 weeks if compared with Maltese.

We can conclude that there is no specific answer to how often should we groom our pets. It depends open you and your dog. What kind of look do you prefer to see on your dog and is your dog enough capable of attending those grooming sessions? If you groom your dog at home you can always make a schedule as mentioned above and groom accordingly. 

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