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Cold and frosty? Astonishing! Magnificent!

Particularly when there are winters, it is great fun for humans and pets alike. However, there are a few things to keep in mind so that our pets and the animals in our garden do not suffer in frosty weather:

  • Provide frost-free drinking water. It can be helpful to take a thermos with lukewarm water on long walks.
  • Offer dogs and cats a sheltered place for warming up, e.g. with an insulated dog kennel or a cathouse.
  • Regularly check the paws of dogs and free-roaming cats. Paw care creams keep the skin subtle and prevent cracks and injuries.
  • For dogs that get cold quickly or have health problems, a coat could be useful. Either a warming coat or simply a wind and water repellent one – you can choose from a variety of functions to exactly meet the needs of your dog.
  • Help wild birds to find food by setting up a feeding place for them. You can find a variety of feeding stations in our product range for your garden, your patio or your balcony. A nice extra: Particularly children are thrilled when they can watch the little birds.
  • If your small animals spend the winter in an outdoor hutch, this needs to have suitable insulation. Walls with Styrofoam insulation on the inside and removable plastic window panes offer protection from drafts, rain, frost and the cold.

ABK wishes you lots of fun and enjoyable frosty times.

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