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Trained Dog!  Smart Dog!

A classic sign of summer is dogs laying out in the shade, panting heavily as they try to cope with the heat. Play is an important part of growing up and it provides important mental stimulation for dogs. Not all dogs are highly motivated by toys and that’s OK, they might just need a little more encouragement. You just need to find a toy that pushes their buttons and that they feel comfortable with.


Toys as Rewards or Treats

Different dogs are motivated by different things when it comes to training. Some dogs are mainly food orientated and will do anything for a treat, whereas others prefer to be rewarded with their favorite toy. You can use toys to reward your dog during training sessions and to reward them for good behavior.


Burn Energy

When your dog is playing with their toys they are burning energy. Certain toys provide more exercise for dogs than others, but most toys will give dogs the chance to burn some pent up energy.

Assuage Boredom

One of the best things that dog toys are good for is getting rid of boredom. If dogs are left on their own for long periods or do not get much interaction then can become very bored. Toys can give them something fun to do which will help distract them and keep them occupied for a period of time.

Mental Stimulation

Toys are particularly important for mental stimulation. Dogs need to use their mind and be able to engage in tasks that actively engage their brains.

Bond with Owner

The more you play with your dog the stronger your bond will be. Lots of dogs love interaction with their owners. Some dogs are even more motivated by toys that involve their owners, not just toys that they can play with on their own. Playing with your dog is a brilliant way to spend quality time together.

 Considering this we added few more Agility and Treat Toys in our list. They come with different level of intelligence required starting from easy, intermediate to excellent. They hold dry and wet treats and kibble and is fun for all dogs. They can be kept in freeze with treats in it to play the frozen game.

Below are the details for same :

Nina Ottosson Dog Treat Maze Puzzle:

Dog toys

Dimension: 8.5L x 7.5 W x 2.75H inch

Pet toys  Code : 67575

Nina Ottosson Dog Hide N' Slide Puzzle:

Dimension: 14.5L x 11.75W x 2H inch

Code: 67338

Nina Ottosson Dog Twister Puzzle:

Dimension: 13.25L x 12W x 2H inch

Code: 67335

Nina Ottosson Dog Brick Game, Blue - FLIP, FIND & SLIDE:

Dimension: 12.75L x 9.25W x 2H inch

Code: 67333

Dog Agility Zip-Zoom Indoor Kit:

Dimension: 19L x 15W x 1.2H inch




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