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Groomer Apparel Workwear: Ladybird Jackets

Tired of being uncomfortable in a salon? We sell far more than just aprons! Shop a wide range of jackets for relaxed and trendy groomers from ladybird line. The value of this unique article will be understood by a jacket lover. There are several kinds of jackets offered on the market. But very few of them are known to us or some face the issue of not knowing what to ask for. You will be a jacket expert for sure by the end of this post. The styles of jackets and fabrics are answered here and what you call the jacket. The styles of women's jackets and men's jackets are not different. You get the same material for the jacket and the same kinds of coats for men and women. Our global outerwear line covers a wide variety of jackets for this season.

Groomer Apparel Workwear: Ladybird Jackets and dog grooming apparles

Ladybird Line is committed to designing high quality functional and trendy apparel to ensure you look great doing what you love. We realize that the work we love can get messy sometimes, but that doesn't mean that you have to. In both, the beauty and pet grooming industries, keeping a professional appearance at all times is something that stylists, who are just like you, tell us is important. Ladybird Line listens to your specifications and then designs the clothing to please you. A  or apron is an important piece of your wardrobe, whether you are a hair stylist, an esthetician, or a dog groomer. As it is likely to come into contact with a wide range of contaminants, not to mention the constant wear and tear of your day-to-day duties, it must be highly robust.  We assume that not only is the right cover practical, it's also incredibly stylish. Lady bird jackets are Stylists, Estheticians, Nail techs, Light weight, Water repellent, Bleach resistant, Flexible back belt, Round collar, Rhinestone Zipper Jackets, suitable for Pet groomers, Stylists, Nail techs.


Groomer Apparel Workwear: Ladybird Jackets and dog grooming apparlesGroomer Apparel Workwear: Ladybird Jackets and dog grooming apparels

The waterproof designs of the Ladybird Line are designed for pet groomers, hair stylists and barbers. To get the job done, we have something for every professional. It's still our #1 priority to cover you in style. To help stay dry during the dog bathing process, the waterproof bathing jacket is suitable for pet lovers and groomers.

  • Our high-quality fabric is processed to cover you when your customers are bathing.
  • The high neck design and inner lining of the mesh ensure that you remain relaxed and clean.
  • Dog print designs add an element of fun to your fashion and ensure that you always look trendy.


Groomer Apparel Workwear: Ladybird Jackets and dog grooming apparles

With fashion in mind, each and every one of our covers is made. It doesn't matter whether you're working with pets, nails, or hair, we believe everyone needs to feel relaxed and attractive in the service industry, which means providing fashionable, professional, and enjoyable aprons. The Ladybird Line is unique to our designs, enabling you to stand out from the rest of the salon crowd. Made with a hair-resistant fabric to give consumers great impression at all times. The sleeve features the embroidered Groom Specialist emblem. We give this jacket in more subdued colors with a contrasting panel to fit well with all color schemes. A truly striking jacket that will give all your customers comfort and an excellent impression and quality also. Ladybird Line designs practical and stylish clothing that makes it possible for you to look amazing doing what you enjoy. These lightweight stylist jackets are designed to keep you clean and relaxed during the day while showcasing your sense of style and looking your best. Check out our all collection of groomer's clothing here

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