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How to Play with Your Dog When the World Cup Season Is On?

Still, don’t know which sport to play with your furry friend?? Check out this article..

Most dogs need an hour of exercise a day, and those who are more energetic need more endurance. Would you like to give your pet some extra stimulation; physically and mentally? There are different dog sports for each breed that can make them energetic. Try the few listed below!

The ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 is drawing very closer and fans across the world are preparing to see their beloved ten teams in action. This World Cup 2019 is going to have a tough competition for the participating teams as all the teams are performing well. Each team has its key players and good finishers. So this year, it will be a tough call on who will be the Champion this year.

From being one of the top favourites of the Trophy to their romance with the Mecca of Cricket, “Lord’s Cricket Stadium”; India will be put to test with their batsmen throughout their batting line up and bowlers to bowl at their full pace. Looking at the current squad, we have a combination of exceptional hitters and subtle players that can change the scenario in no time.

We will be glued to our screens no matter what the time is and what the tasks we are engaged with. Constantly checking the updates and scores will be our all-time discussion. While all this happening we may even forget to have attention at our furry friend! So, we bring out this article to help you in guiding on caring your dogs while enjoying the World Cup 2019.

Here we bring out the top four exciting games or sports you can play with your pets while being on a vacation or maybe wandering in the garden for a walk.

#1. Disc Dog

As the name suggests, Disc Dog, also known as Frisbee dog, is basically when you (Human Thrower) train your dog to catch the Frisbee and predict its height and length of throw. You have to get your dog in a garden or a park to play this game actively. It’s a great exercise for both the owner and for the dog itself.

We would recommend the following as the best products for this game.

 Flying disc for dogs

#2. Dog Hiking

You should try Dog Hiking when you are on a vacation with your dogs. Dogs love to guide us the way and our company. This is the nice way to wander amidst nature, in that much-needed silence and serenity; it’s also a good way to ensure your dog get enough exercise and that the both of you can workout as a good appetite!

trixie seesaw for pet training

#3. Fly Ball

Fly Ball is a game which suits very well with small breeds and even though they tend to get distracted easily, it’s fun playing this game with our little dogs. It is just like playing fetch with a ball. It can really help them to have discipline and increases focus. You must be sure to establish a proper connection with your pet. Small dogs usually like to show their talents and try to impress their owners; so, take that as a plus point and connect with your dogs with this game.

We would recommend the following as the best products for this game.

  Ball for pets

#4. Agility

Agility is a game basically played within an obstacle course. It is a competitive dog sport. Very active dogs are ideal for this game. It includes high-performance sports like agility, though almost any healthy dog can participate.

Agility training set for pets

So the next time you guys go out to accompany your dogs, don’t bother your friends but, depend on your dogs! They will give you some exercises and will also work up as a good workout friend as well!

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