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An announcement was made to put the clippers off the table and clean the table as the time was about to end. The countdown began 10, 9, 8, 7, .. and the participants meanwhile had to display their dogs on the table. Judges went to each table and asked them the question “What inspired you to give this cut?”, “What made you decide to groom this way?”. Participant were thrilled with the questions but with the dedication they groomed their dog, they answered the question with confidence explaining the cut and the clip.

Interview of the participants

The judging part was most difficult for us. Everyone has given their dogs such a nice cut. The dog looked handsome and smart after the grooming. Some dogs were looking so cute like a teddy bear, some like a cotton ball, so smart so elegant. But unfortunately there could be only 3 winners for the day.

After a discussion of around 45 minutes, judges decided the winner. They gave us the names. We were shocked with the results not because of the names they gave but the words they said that “The groomers are so dedicated and expertise, that they we couldn’t decide and instead of 3 there will be 4 winners.”

Judging of 2nd National Dog Grooming Competition

We weren’t prepared for that, in fact no one was. There was a huge amount of excitement enrolling among the audience. For the very first time it has happened in any dog grooming competition that the competition was so knot to knot that it made judges to increase the no. of winners. Yes it happened in India in our very own 2nd National Dog grooming Competition. Participants were more than happy with this announcement. After this big announcement, winners were announced.

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