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Scissors and clippers

You should always use best quality nail cutters which are designed for the purpose. A rotary trimmer can be a safer. 

Scissors and clippers

 Most of the dog owners prefer to leave the dog’s haircuts to the professional groomers. This job really takes in depth knowledge to do properly, especially for the dogs with long, continuously growing hair.

But, with some efforts you can also become an expert at cutting the hair of your dog. Here are a few tips for doing the hair cutting job of your dog properly:

  1. First you should bathe your dog using a good quality shampoo that suits the skin type of your dog.
  2. After that towel dry and brush
  3. Now, use scissors that are meant for this purpose
  4. You can use electric clippers for cutting on the bulk of the body of dog
  5. Make sure to keep the blades of both scissors and electric clippers sharp. Keep in mind that the dull blades are dangerous.
  6. You should choose a quiet and isolated place for trimming the hair of your dog. Sudden visitor or a startling noise during the complete process may cause the dog to jump, which is dangerous for the both of you.
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